Video Testimonials

Executive professional tenant Jeroen, City of London

High flying professional tenant Lisa, Greenwich Borough

Successful Entrepreneur tenant Stefano, Westminster Borough

Entrepreneur tenant Vivian, Tower Hamlets Borough

Professional tenant Kim, Bexley Borough

Student tenant Klajdi, Lewisham Borough

Overseas Landlord Jon, Hong Kong

Working tenant Alice, Greenwich Borough

Manager tenant Opeyemi, Greenwich Borough

Manager tenant Opeyemi, Greenwich Borough 2

Professional tenant Andrei, Newham Borough

Professional tenant Justin, Tower Hamlets Borough

Professional tenant Elena, Greenwich Borough

Verbal Testimonials

UK Corporate Landlord XHY Ltd, London

We have bought a number of properties through their investment sourcing arm. They have been managing these properties very well. Having a great partner like this enables us to expand our property portfolio without any hold backs.

Overseas landlord couple Mr and Mrs Wang, China

We used their property sourcing service in 2013. Not only the property they bought for us has made some phenomenal growth, the first and only family tenant they found for us had been there since 2014 and never caused any trouble. I would recommend Easylord to everybody!

UK landlord Xiao, City of London

I know the director of Easylord from previous professional as well as a personal level. When I gave him and his team my first property, I was really desperate as the previous agent had left my property empty for almost a month and a terrible state. They turnaround my property with great cleaners and filled in within no time. Now I have given them my entire portfolio and also recommend a couple friend of mine to use their service.

UK landlord couple Hua and Cheng, Canary Wharf

We got into property investment through inspiration from Easylordís directors, who we knew on a personal level. The properties we gave them have all been well looked after, and they have become our very sound pension investment.

UK landlord Mrs Liu, Canary Wharf

I was recommended Easylord by a friend of mine. At the time, the income side of my property investment wasnít working out as the agent didnít deliver. Easylord turned it around very quickly and the same professional tenant has been staying for over two years. They now have most of my portfolio in London.

Overseas landlord Mr Zhou, China

I left my property with Easylord when I was returning China for good. I had returned to UK a number of times since then and visited the property each time. It has always looked the same as the day I left it. Great job and well done to Easylord! I have also recommended a number of my friends to them.

Overseas landlord Mr Yang, China

I was leaving UK under a very short notice from my employer. I was recommended Easylord by a friend of mine. They filled it in with a great professional couple and looked after my property very well, before I sold it later in 2015.

Overseas landlord Dr Yi, China

I was leaving UK to return to my country to become an entrepreneur. I was recommended to by a good friend to leave my property with them. Since that moment, I have never had to worry about it and could entirely concentrate on my business. This turns out to be one of best decisions ever made.

Overseas landlord Ms Wu, Canada

A friend of mine recommended Easylord to me, shortly before my newly bought property came to Completion. Over the past few years, they and the tenants have looked after the property very well and I didnít have to worry at all.

Overseas landlord couple Mr and Mrs Liu, China

My husband and I bought the property in West London for my daughter to live in, but she didnít like it as it is too far to her office. Easylord had help to find tenants whose quality are well beyond my imagination and it turned out to be a good investment. Many thanks to them!